Firefly Communities

Firefly Communities

Firefly Communities is the arm of Firefly dedicated to delivering our company’s vision of having a real positive impact on the world by:

  • Funding projects worldwide that have beneficial social change and increase access to clean energy
  • Investing in schemes that reduce emissions and have a significant positive environmental impact
  • Supporting the creation of long term solutions for a sustainable and healthy planet
  • Assisting organisations facilitating socio economic development in the developing world


Practical Action in the Real World

This Autumn sees the launch of Firefly Communities with our first project supporting a charity in Malawi called Love Support Unite (LSU). Firefly has donated IT and solar equipment to the charity, and this September sees a team from Firefly on the ground in Malawi helping to install the solar system at a local school.


Grass Roots Support

LSU are a grass roots charity based in Malawi. Their vision is to help some of the world’s poorest people through a new approach to community development and support.

They use a combination of education, healthcare, skills training and micro loans to provide stability, opportunity to bring people out of poverty and provide a secure future.

Solar solutions are part of this equation – solar powered pumps for irrigation and off-grid solar systems bring electricity to the most rural schools for the first time, improving facilities and the ability to teach and learn.


The First Step…..With Much More To Come

Keep checking back here or sign up for our newsletter for regular updates from the team as they get stuck in on the ground in Africa helping those in need.

New Projects

Firefly are interested in supporting new projects that will have the greatest positive impact on as many people as possible.

If you are an NGO, organisation or you have a project you would like Firefly to support, please click here to contact Firefly Communities with a one side document explaining:

  • What is the project and who is behind it?
  • What is your vision or goal?
  • How much support you would like and in what way?
  • Timings on when you would like this support to happen?
  • A rationale for why we should support your project in particular?


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