Barhale Construction

Site requirements:

  • 24 hour CCTV equipment
  • Security welfare (including lighting and heating)

The Challenge:

The challenge was to reduce the fuel consumption of the site whilst ensuring that more than enough power was still available round the clock for all their needs. This included cabins for security and welfare, which required lighting and heating, as well as CCTV for the site.

Normally the site would be powered by a 60kVA diesel generator, 24 hours a day.

The site was located in a residential area. It was essential to eliminate overnight noise and minimise disruption to the local community.


A silent running 24kVA/48kWH Cygnus® HPG (Hybrid Power Generator) was installed on site, to work in conjunction with the existing diesel generator.


In one month alone, the Cygnus® HPG achieved a 65% reduction in fuel consumption for the client, whilst local residents benefited from a safe, secure site that was silent overnight.

  • Saved 2,375 litres of diesel over the month¹
  • Saved £2,137 in diesel fuel (£0.90p per litre)¹
  • Saved 6.24 tonnes of CO2 emissions¹
  • Provided silent power without disruption

In addition to the above savings, the diesel generator benefited from a
reduction in runtime to 34%. This will improve the lifespan of the diesel
generator and reduce maintenance and service costs

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