Corporate Experiential Product Event Launch


Firefly were commissioned by BMW to provide a pedal powered experience for Bracknell employees in the build up to the Olympics celebrating 100 days to go to the games. The brief was to provide an interactive activity where members of the BMW team would cycle in teams to generate enough energy to drive the BMW Active E electric car around the 2012 marathon course.

The Firefly team installed a 15 bike Kinectrics PedGen system which saw over one hundred members of staff across 11 departments competing to win tickets for the Olympic Games by generating the most power.

The power generated was shown in real time using our YouPower software and the energy generated was stored in a Hybrid Power Generator and used to power the AV equipment in the venue.

Throughout the day a number of athletes came down to gee the BMW employees on and we even saw an appearance by the Mantell brothers who were featuring for team GB in the hockey tournament.

The winning team of contained some super fit members who managed to power the car a whopping 125 metres each!

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