Hybrid Power Lighting

Firefly supported a team of building contractors in this ambitious project to rebuild a children’s play centre in Ravensthorpe, Peterborough, which was closed as part of Peterborough City Council cuts.

The challenge was to run the lights with solar power rather than diesel generators on the construction site. This was a sizeable achievement considering the team of tradesmen and contractors were tasked with creating a building worth £1 million in only 10 days. With little time and a large site, they needed round the clock power and plenty of lights.

Two Pictor Tower Lights and a Pyxis Power Pack with Battery Extender Modules, combined with portable Solar Fold-Arrays™ from Firefly.

The project saved 600kg of CO2 over the duration of the 10 day build that would have normally been produced, if they had used traditional diesel generators.

  • Saved £2,000 in total generator savings
  • Saved 600kg of CO2
  • Silent source of power and light, both day and night

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