Denne Construction

The Challenge:
The site was located in the middle of a residential area, outside of a main rail station. The client was receiving large volumes of complaints when running a 200kva generator 24/7.

Cygnus® Hybrid Power Generator (HPG) 24kVA and 200kVA Diesel Generator (provided by PE Generators)

By running a Cygnus® HPG alongside the diesel generator, the Cygnus HPG provided power for the critical load overnight. The Cygnus HPGs® was subsequently charging during the day when the main 200 kVA diesel generator was running the site.

The security lighting, welfare and cameras on the site ran completely silently between 7pm and 7 am Monday to Friday, and 12 pm to 7am over the weekend. In doing so, the client also achieved both substantial fuel and Carbon savings on this project.

The client managed to reduce the CO₂ from the diesel generator by 18%. This was as a result of a reduction in diesel used by 19% and by reducing the run time of the diesel generator by 36%.


  • Over a 4 week period, the client achieved
  • A saving of £2,858.89 in diesel fuel
  • A reduction of 4,267 litres of diesel fuel
  • A reduction in carbon emissions by 11.4 tonnes
  • A reduction of 251 hours in diesel generator run time

Equivalent Annual Savings

  • CO2: 140+ Tonnes of CO2
  • Diesel Fuel: 53,000+ Litres

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