Corporate Brand Experiential Festival Event

Electric Ireland

Client: Electric Ireland
Location: Electric Picnic

Working with the festival’s official energy partner Electric Ireland, Firefly launched the electric playground at the Electric Picnic festival. Electric Ireland wanted to demonstrate their commitment to renewable energy through an interactive and engaging experience with crowds at the festival.

Firefly were asked to provide a full technical production service and created an energy-efficient You Power™ Playground for grown-ups, where festival goers could play and use the energy they generated to charge their phones. The playground featured the HamGen™, PedGen™, WhirlyGen™ and TeedleGen™.

From the adult sized merry-go-round to the giant hamster wheel and see-saw, every part of the playground generated energy that people could share and use. Fifteen bikes were positioned in the Park to give even more opportunity for people to use their energy for the greater good.

The area was a popular feature at the event with power challenges taking place throughout the day, alongside celebrity comedians who compered a competition between two teams to find out who could generate the most energy.

Ken McKervey, Commercial Manager ESB Electric Ireland commented:

“As the Official Energy Partner to the festival, ESB Electric Ireland is delighted to show festival goers how much fun sustainability can be. We are well aware how important having a facility to recharge phones is to festival goers, so it’s great that we can provide this in an entertaining way!”

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