Mather Stuart Hybrid Power Generator Hire

Mather + Stuart

Mather + Stuart specialise in ‘giving you power when you need it’, which is why Mather + Stuart have invested in the latest, innovative hybrid technology from Firefly.

Firefly’s Cygnus Hybrid Power Generators act a diesel fuel management system, an uninterruptible power supply and a stand-alone source of power. So clients on site can always be assured of power on site 24/7, eliminating the risk of any downtime.

The Hybrid Power Generators from Firefly accompany Mather + Stuart’s diesel generators to provide optimum efficiency during variable load requirements throughout the day. Turning off the diesel generator set when it doesn’t need to run and provide low-load power requirements such as overnight power.

As one of the UK’s Leading Experts in Generator Hire, Mather + Stuart are now able offer even further carbon footprint savings and significant fuel cost savings to clients. With 24hour service support and depots across the UK, the customer service form Mather + Stuart is second to none.

“Our recent fleet additions of Cygnus HPGs are in constant use and are helping our customers to reduce their carbon footprint, decrease noise levels and to meet their environmental responsibilities. We can also provide clients with a detailed analysis of the CO2 reductions achieved, as well as the savings in fuel usage.”
Lee Stuart

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