Silent Hybrid Power Generator Crossrail Carbon NOx Rail Construction


Richard Randall, Firefly’s Operations Director explains his top tips for optimising hybrid performance.

“The key thing for me when speaking to customers is to ensure that they have access to GLOW RFM®. GLOW is our cutting edge Fleet Management cloud platform. Access not only gives your sales colleagues easy to print performance reports, but means that you can keep track of potential on-site issues and plan preventative servicing. It is really important to make sure that the full installation data is filled in on the portal so site visits and customer reports are simple and easy to complete.

Auto Responsive

“The other area that really makes a difference to the longer term performance of hybrid units is keeping them on float charge when off hired in the yard. Put the unit into standby mode and connect to mains power- a simple routine for your team. A number of customers now have dedicated storage bays for hybrid which helps to get this best practice ingrained as part of normal routine.

I also always recommend getting your fleet booked in for an annual service. My team are able to carry this out at your premises, or alternatively you can deliver to our service depot.

“Finally, my team are also available for refresher training courses, and particularly as we head into winter it is worth reminding your staff about correct installations procedures and making sure that the Cygnus unit is correctly specified for the expected loads.”

Click here to contact the Operations Team for further information or to book your annual service.

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