System design from the ground up by the market’s leading hybrid company.Designers

Firefly is more than just a systems integrator, we develop electronics and software that seamlessly works with every component of our hybrid power systems. We create solutions that deliver measurable environmental benefit through products that are light years ahead of the crowd. Our attention to detail demonstrates our intimate understanding of hybrid technology and more importantly the needs of our customers.

We have automated dozens of key functions that others still struggle to comprehend. Below is just a small selection of the technology we build into every Firefly product to make the transition to a more sustainable future simple.


Operation & Maintenance

It’s all very well investing in this technology. However, you …

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Glow RFM Cloud Platform


Firefly’s Remote Fleet Management Cloud Platform Software Automated Environmental Reporting …

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Storage Technology

Energy storage is at the heart of all of our …

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Control Technology

Control Technology

System design from the ground up by the market’s leading …

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