Hybrid power solutions for construction & civil engineering sector.
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Why switch to hybrid power?

Traditional diesel generator

Traditional diesel generator system set-up

Using a diesel generator 24 hours a day is costly, noisy and damaging to the environment. Generators are sized to power the largest loads, but are often running for lengthy periods of time with reduced loading.

Firefly Cygnus Hybrid Power System

Introducing the Firefly Hybrid Power System

By introducing a hybrid system into your set-up, you can significantly reduce the run time of a traditional diesel generator and start benefiting from completely silent, highly efficient and emission-free power.

Remote monitoring and reporting

Smart control and real-time online monitoring

With our smart control technology, you can easily configure the installation to maximise the savings. GLOW RFM®, our cloud-based remote monitoring portal facilitates easy set-up and performance reporting.

Benefits of Firefly Hybrid Power Systems

Reduced fuel usage

Diesel generator fuel costs can easily add up over time. Firefly hybrid systems reduce diesel generator run time and allow for a more efficient management of fuel costs, potentially saving thousands of pounds throughout the project.

Remote access & security

Operators have 24 hour full access to their hybrid system through the bespoke GLOW RFM® cloud platform. Real-time remote access allows greater control and flexibility, and is appropriately managed through tiered user access levels.

Reduced noise and pollution

Reduction in fuel use and increased efficiency of generator operation lead to a significant reduction in emissions & noise pollution. Our hybrid systems manage polluting sources of energy by only switching them on when absolutely necessary.

Improved safety for staff

Reduced emissions and noise, fewer vehicle movements for on-site refuelling and servicing, all drastically improve the overall risk profile. Staff, as well as local community, will benefit from increased efficiency of operations. The inherent UPS capability of our hybrid systems also ensures increased security of power supply.

Real-time monitoring & reporting

Fleet operators have full, real-time access to their hybrid units through the powerful GLOW RFM® cloud platform. This level of remote system monitoring and diagnostics significantly improves system uptime and ensures that site call outs are minimised as faults are proactively managed.

Efficient power supply on site

Site power needs often vary throughout the day. Loads significantly lower than the generator rating lead to inefficient operation, excess fuel consumption and unnecessary wear of the unit. Hybrid systems ensure that the most efficient energy source is used at all times, minimising the wear and tear of the generator.

Diesel-only vs. hybrid load profile comparison

Typical site setup where a generator is required 24 hours a day to supply a varying load profile. Integration of a hybrid system allows for generator runtime to be optimised throughout the day, when the vast majority of loading takes place, whilst offering generator free power throughout the night.

Load profile chart - diesel generator only.Load profile chart - with hybrid power.

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