Firefly – The New Standard in Hybrid Power

Ethical Policy

Firefly is dedicated to providing emission free and sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels and in doing so, we also operate in a way that limits our impact on the environment.

Firefly CIC is the charitable arm of Firefly which, since 2007, supports the work of NGO’s, charitable organisations, ‘not for profits’ and a diverse range of community based groups, to provide access to power to around the world. Through regularly investing resources; whether these be financial, time or equipment, Firefly continue a commitment that is focused on assisting projects at all levels throughout the community. This is in addition to the provision of consultancy to organisations and members of the public on ways to improve their energy efficiency and environmental impact. We work in partnership to develop and deliver the most suitable renewable energy solution for the needs of communities in the poorest countries, in a dual effort to combat climate change and poverty.

With a policy of inclusion, Firefly is a company where all individuals are treated with respect, dignity and where there is an equal opportunity for all. The promotion of a positive working environment allows Firefly to embrace the diversity that each member of our team brings.

Environmental Policy

Waste & Recycling

Firefly operate a 0% of waste to landfill policy. All waste items that can be recycled are separated and collected by an accredited recycling company based locally. All organic waste is composted onsite at Firefly’s production facilities. Waste that cannot be recycled is sent to a local energy-from-waste plant where energy, locked in the waste, is released to generate electricity.

Firefly has systems for the disposal of specific items, for example: lead acid batteries are handled by a company that is, both a member of the BRMA, and registered with the Environment Agency as a hazardous waste producer. All electrical waste is handled by a company that is WEEE compliant.

Sustainable Procurement

The following third party certification is expected of all of our suppliers: ISO 9001 quality management systems, ISO 14001 environmental standards and BSI Kite Marks.

Firefly procures items based on the quality and price of components and proximity of supplier. In order to further reduce our carbon footprint, Firefly uses the most local UK supplier available – where possible, those supplying goods manufactured within the UK. Should a UK supplier for a specific product not be available, a search is carried out based on quality, price and proximity. For this reason, in certain circumstances, Firefly opts for the use of components that are manufactured in Europe on the basis that they will last longer and are of a higher quality.

Where possible Firefly use recycled materials and all timber used for fabrication is FSC certified.


Firefly employees are actively encouraged to use lift share.

When possible, online communication is encouraged and many meetings with clients are completed using internet or telephone based conferencing systems. Should a face to face meeting be required, public transport is the preferred route of travel.

Energy Usage

Firefly’s office and warehouse are entirely powered by renewable energy from the UK’s sole dedicated supplier of 100% renewable energy, Ecotricity.

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