GLOW RFM® – The Future of Energy Management on Construction Sites

Construction Site Energy Efficiency Management - GLOW RFM

Firefly have pushed the boundaries of traditional plant telematics and developed a unique online reporting platform that goes beyond standard theft location tracking and convoluted data.

Now Contractors and Plant Hirers have the data that matters at their fingertips

Automated Smart Energy Monitoring for Optimised Efficiency

With the UK’s target of cutting emissions by 80% by 2050, many contractors have introduced their own carbon reduction targets to effectively meet this challenge. In addition, Sustainability Managers increasingly have numerous reporting requirements to complete, notably ESOS.

GLOW RFM® removes the headache of calculating site energy usage and the compilation of multiple site reports, with an automated dashboard that present results in an easy to understand format. The software automatically completes the complex calculations, with no input required from the user. In the click of a button, automated PDF reports can be generated to provide fuel, CO2 emissions and runtime savings – presentation ready.

  • Tonnes of CO2 Emissions Saved
  • Litres of Diesel Fuel Saved
  • Number of Silent Hours
  • Hybrid Power Vs Diesel Generator Usage %
  • Full fleet reporting across all sites nationwide

Reducing Downtime with Remote Diagnostics and Control

Firefly’s hybrid power systems on site are continually monitored and contractors are advised of where savings can be made, to minimise downtime and maximise performance, without the need of sending an engineer to site. GLOW RFM® enables full control of the machine as if an engineer was stood in front of it and as a result, in most cases issues are diagnosed and even resolved remotely. Thus the time it takes to make changes is significantly reduced and the power to site is running again with immediate affect.

Rail Carbon Infrastructure Energy Power Site ESOS Report

Making Energy Efficient Hybrid Power Standard Practice on Construction Sites

Glow RFM® enables sustainability and marketing teams to share case studies with the industry and internally to exemplify best practice with regards site power setups, as well as engaging with stakeholder audiences to communicate the contractor’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.

BAM Construction reduce Site Fuel Carbon Energy Firefly Hybrid Power Generator

To learn more about Firefly’s GLOW RFM®, contact David Piper by email or tel +44 (0)7739 796 134.

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