Firefly Lithium Cygnus Hybrid Power Generator System


Firefly are pleased to announce the launch of the all new Cygnus® range of hybrid power systems.

Throughout the development of the all new Cygnus® range our engineers have been listening to our customers. We’ve been able to speak to plant hirers and contractors to understand their requirements. With the leading fleet of hybrid power systems in the UK we have the benefit of speaking to a wide range of industry professionals that can’t be rivalled.

Our rental partners work with our existing fleet every day and like us are passionate about delivering market leading innovation. Contractors are telling us about the importance of CO2 reporting, reliability and the need for silent power. The result is our most advanced, energy efficient hybrid power system, which meets the challenges for a demanding and changing industry.

Firefly has developed new technology to improve functionality, system performance and logistics. Every Cygnus® benefits from a modular canopy design, fork pocket protection to a new environmental control system and maintenance charge mode. In addition to our proven AGM energy storage option, the all new Cygnus® range is now available with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP).

As the very latest in energy storage technology, LFP offers storage capacity up to 130 kWh – offering both improved discharge characteristics and fast recharge times, which means that diesel generator runtimes can now be reduced even further.

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