100% Clean Energy for Innocent’s New Un-Plugged Festival

Innocent Un-plugged Firefly Hybrid Solar

Firefly is excited to announce they will be powering Innocent’s inaugural “Un-Plugged” festival in late May. The festival is aimed at adults looking to get a break from modern technology. As the name suggests, the whole festival will be completely off grid, set in a relaxing mystery woodland setting in Kent. Traditional electricity, Wi-Fi and 3G will all be disconnected, allowing people to completely unwind.

Firefly will be completely powering the festival with solar electricity, providing 100% renewable energy and meeting one of Innocent’s key criteria. To do this Firefly will be providing their Cygnus® Hybrid Power Generators connected to solar Fold Arrays. They’ll also be providing full site lighting with low energy LED festoon and flood lighting, as well as using their Cygnus based solar tower lights.

Acts such as Norman Jay, the Correspondents and The Plump DJ’s will be taking to the main stage, with music being powered by the light of the sun, Firefly’s Cygnus® HPG’s and their YouPower® Playground. This people powered equipment (including a human hamster wheel, bikes, log rollers and see-saw) will spark interaction and engagement with the audience, giving people the opportunity to generate power for the stage.

As well as these exciting acts, Firefly will be powering the festival’s camping fields, forest banquet with communal feasts, the activity yurt with Innocent’s “Inspire talks” and production compound.

Like Innocent, Firefly is hoping this event will help people recharge their batteries and soak up the sun, just like the solar panels powering it!

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