Beach Cinema Screen Hybrid Power

Brighton Big Screen

Firefly lights up Brighton’s Big Screen

Firefly has set up a Cygnus® Hybrid Power Generator to power the Big Screen on Brighton Seafront. Into its 3rd year now, the Big Screen has been set up on Brighton Beach and has been broadcasting movies for free, as well as sporting matches such as the Wimbledon Tennis and British Formula One. Due to its growing popularity, this year it will be showing the World Cup matches over the course of its month-long run.

This year however will be the first time the screen is powered entirely by renewable resources, using a power hybrid generator supplied by Firefly as well as solar panel tower lights. Brighton’s growing shift to more renewable, clean resources is most obviously seen with the HPG which is a biodiesel generator running from 100% waste vegetable oil sourced from the UK.

The biodiesel generator will turn off during the night and will be running on its own battery supply. By using Firefly’s hybrid generator and its solar panels, Brighton’s Big Screen will not only be cutting their fuel bill but will also be providing a silent and emission free power system. The use of these clean energy hybrid systems is estimated to save around 10 tonnes of C02. The solar panels and the battery of the HPG, is estimated to save 4,000 litres of biodiesel over the 4 weeks the screen is up for.

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