Hybrid Power Telecoms Mast

Hybrid Telecoms


Site Requirements

  • 24 hr Silent power
  • Power for GPS

The Challenge

During the 2014 winter flooding in the UK, our partner Speedy Hire received over 400 call outs to supply backup diesel generators for grid supplied BTS. Many locations were cut off which delayed response times.

In Wimbledon, a deer park needed a generator but due to noise and fume problems it could only operate for four hours a day. The generator powered a mast that was unable to operate and thus Firefly’s generator was chosen primarily due to the generator’s ability to provide silent power. This was vital especially at night, due to the location being both near residential areas and next to an important wildlife area.


With the installation of the Cygnus® HPG, this problem was alleviated. Service levels have been consistently maintained reducing the costs incurred by TowerCo as well as the generator continuing to provide silent power as opposed to the noise generated by a standard diesel generator.


Firefly’s HPG were able to achieve a 54% reduction in running time saving 259 hours of diesel running time. Firefly also:

  • Saved 1295 litres of diesel
  • Saved £971 in fuel costs
  • Saved 3.46 tonnes of CO2 emissions
  • Provided silent power around a protected wildlife area

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