Remba Island Off Grid Energy Solar Power

Remba Island, Kenya

Known as Kenya’s ‘Slum Island’, crammed from end to end with shanty structures, Remba Island is on the Kenya-Uganda border. It is a forgotten island where infrastructure is non-existent. Remba Island’s isolation means power, clean water and health services are under-developed, scarcely distributed and extremely expensive. As a result, disease prevalence is high and daily activities are a great challenge. Currently, islanders must import their energy, which is expensive and harmful to the environment, in the form of kerosene, disposable batteries and unreliable petrol generators.

Working as a technology supplier in partnership with access:energy, quality of life will improve for the islanders by using sustainable power from the wind and sun. The Microgrid power system now provides islanders with access to cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable energy.

Using access:energy’s innovative bitHarvester platform, the installation is remotely controlled and monitored through cloud software and smart meters. No cash changes hands – connected customers use their mobile phones to top up pre-paid units of energy. The mobile enabled microgrid converts the abundant sun and wind on the island into life-changing electricity to power lights, refigerators, mobile phones and other appliances.

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