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1400 Litres Weekly Diesel Fuel Saving for Coinford Construction

The Project
Groundwork and R.C. Frame specialist Coinford Construction Ltd was awarded the contract by Berkeley Homes at the £1 billion, Woodberry Down redevelopment scheme in the Olympic London Borough of Hackney. Phase 1 of the project was completed in 2015 with the remaining phases finishing by 2027.

The Challenge
Coinford’s commitment to Berkeley Homes was to provide innovative solutions for improving site performance and were tasked with providing sustainable power solutions, while considering noise impact on local residents. Furthermore there was a site critical requirement to ensure power continued to the aviation lighting on Coinford’s tower cranes – there are currently two installed and in operation.

The original proposal was to utilise a 200 kVA generator for the site and crane, however as the site closed in the evening the generator had to continue running just for aviation lighting. Though this was a necessity, over 2000 litres of fuel were used in one week, which not only had an impact to the environment but made costs unacceptable to the site team and client.

The Solution
Cygnus® 2 was paired with the 200 kVA diesel generator. The hybrid power system was part of a sub-system powering the aviation crane lights and was set up with a seven day timer to control when the generator needed to run and when to switch it off, providing silent power over night.

The Results
The Cygnus® 2 supplied power for over 65% of the time, delivering over 110 hours of silent power a week. This in turn saved the client over 1,400 Litres of diesel fuel, equating to almost 4 Tonnes of CO2. Equivalent to a standard car driving over 10,000 miles a week.

During the project, Cygnus® 2:

  • Delivered silent hybrid power for over 14 hours per day Mon-Fri and 21 Hours Sat – Sun.
  • Saved more than 1400 litres of diesel fuel each week
  • Reduced CO2

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