Secret Garden Party Green Hybrid Power

Secret Garden Party

Audience: 30,000
Fuel Bill Saving: £7,713
Diesel Fuel Usage Saving: 10,285 Litres
CO2 Saving: 24 Tonnes of CO2

“Working with Firefly has beFreddie Fellowes SGPen a great experience – we’ve used less diesel, reduced our CO2 emissions, and demonstrated to the rest of the festival industry that you can run a clean, green festival – so hopefully there’ll more and more events turning to hybrid and renewable power next year!”

Freddie Fellowes, Festival Director.

Firefly designed and installed part of the power infrastructure for Secret Garden Party 2014, one of the UK’s biggest independent festivals. With no major sponsors, Secret Garden Party is a truly independent festival, focusing solely on providing outstanding music in stunning scenery. One stage is even part of an emerald structure built in the middle of a lake! The festival has often been celebrated as a creative, friendly place to get in touch with nature with many other people all who think the same. The festival has a grant application available for artists who wish to submit proposals for action camps, tree houses, workshops or anything else creative for the festival.

Secret Garden Party is fully committed to environmental alternatives and this year worked with Big Green Coach, a coach company who not only sponsor and protect land in the Peru rainforest but also plant a tree for each full coach they transport.

In keeping with Secret Garden Party’s environmental policies whilst supplying power to over 30,000 festival-goers, Firefly was commissioned to help provide clean and green power for the festival.

Firefly provided power for the following areas;

  • Production Village including site office and event control
  • Crew Catering facilities
  • Crew Bar
  • North East entertainment field including the Sanctuary, Beaver Woods, Lost Horizons, Bathing Under the Stars, Wonky Races
  • All campsite power including campsite caterers and security
  • All campsite lighting
  • Lighting across the whole site

Firefly provided a fleet of 13 Cygnus Hybrid Power Generators
  • 5 x 24kVA
  • 6 x 8kVA
  • 12 X 1.2kVA (with tower light)

Firefly also provided a fleet of 15 Biodiesel Generators
  • 3 x 165kVA
  • 2 x 100kVA
  • 2 x 60kVA
  • 8 x 20kVA

Also supplied were 30 x 540W Solar fold Arrays to form a 16kWp solar system. The solar arrays powered 12 of Firefly’s Cygnus Tower Lights and a number of the Hybrid Power Generators, helping to provide light from the sun even at night. As well as these, Firefly also provided 8 Pyxis Power Packs, 12 Km of LED festoon lighting and in excess of 100 LED floods, helping to reduce the overall energy demand as well as providing clean energy.

Firefly was ultimately able to save a total of 3,826 hours of diesel generator run time where hybrid systems were deployed – this works out at around 50% of total run time. The utilisation of hybrid technology enabled a reduction in diesel usage saving 10,285 litres of fuel. This resulted in a huge financial saving for Secret Garden Party of £7,713 as well as a carbon reduction of an impressive 24 tonnes.

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