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Crossrail’s Weekly Diesel Saving of 903 L

Silent Hybrid Power: 20 Hours per day (83%)
Weekly Diesel Fuel Reduction: 903 Litres
Weekly CO2 Emissions Saving: 2.41 Tonnes

The Project
The North East Spur £150 million project involves the preparation of a section of railway between East London and Essex for the start of Crossrail services in 2018. The project is currently Europe’s largest infrastructure programme and a vital component of the UK’s transport network. Two major station improvements are taking place at Romford and Ilford, with other station improvements taking place across six other stations.

Costain, one of the UK’s leading engineering solutions providers, was awarded the contract by Network Rail to deliver the infrastructure and stations between Stratford in east London and Shenfield in Essex.

The Challenge
The project sites are located within urban city areas with residential housing immediately adjacent to the rail stations. Costain had site cabins located at each station and due to the nature of the railway in use during the day, work also needed to take place at night. For local residents, the noise of a diesel generator continuously running was causing disruption and therefore a critical silent power solution was required by Costain in order to complete the work. Costain was also keen to find ways of reducing operating costs and the carbon footprint of site operations.

The Solution
At the Brentford site, Speedy connected a Cygnus® 4 to the 100 kVA diesel generator, creating a hybrid system. This setup provided power for 10 site cabins which included a drying room, canteen, washroom, offices and storage.

Due to the nature of work taking place both at night and during the day, there was a varying work pattern with changing demands in load requirement. Therefore, rather than selecting timer mode to deliver silent power overnight only, Cygnus® 4 was set to run on continuous ‘Load-Sensing’ mode. In this mode, Cygnus® 4 constantly monitored the load required for the cabins throughout the day and night. Cygnus® 4 automatically switched off the diesel generator when it was running at low loads, turning the diesel generator back on for higher loads. Whilst the diesel generator was running, Cygnus® 4 recharged.

The Results
Cygnus® 4 allowed for the night works to take place with access to silent power, whilst delivering fuel and CO2 savings. Noise disruption was kept to a minimum, as the diesel generator only ran when it was needed (17%), with the Cygnus® 4 HPG providing silent power at all other times (83%).

Average Weekly Savings
On average each week, Cygnus® 4

  • Delivered silent power for over 20 hours per day (83%)
  • Reduced diesel fuel consumption by 903 litres
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by 2.41 Tonnes

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