Bike Pedal Solar Generator Power Stage

Yorkshire Festival

As part of the Yorkshire Festival 2014, the ‘Hope & Social’ band marched their heart-on-the-sleeve music and trademark blue jackets around the route of the Grand Départ on a Tour of Infinite Possibility (TIP).

Over 200 miles and doing 3 gigs per day, Hope & Social laughed in the face of impossibility and rocked into market squares and sports grounds, taking over village greens and school car parks. Making the biggest noise and the biggest party they possibly could.

But this wasn’t just any tour: With drums and voices, hearts and souls, Hope & Social gathered 100’s of new members as they went, forming ‘A Band Anyone Can Join’. Hope & Social played 12 shows in 12 magnificent Yorkshire locations on a cycle-powered stage, working with brass bands, singing groups, scout troops, primary schools and more.

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