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Arcturus Two i-HPG >120-350 kVA / 90-135 kWh

Product Overview

Arcturus® Two is an integrated Hybrid Power Generator (i-HPG) combining both a diesel generator and energy storage, to form a secure standalone hybrid power solution.  Available with diesel generator sets ranging in size from 120-350 kVA, Arcturus houses an internal bunded sub-base fuel tank of up to 2,000 litres. Like Arcturus® One, it also boasts the latest OPzV battery technology, providing up to 90 – 135 kWh of usable energy storage (80% D.o.D) (1500 cycles) and including inverters options ranging from 48-72 kVA.

Remote communications software enables complete power autonomy, allowing users to control the operation of the unit from anywhere in the world. The easy to install and maintain secure unit is delivered in a form factor that is extremely resilient and robust, helping to eliminate tampering and fuel theft vulnerability, which makes Arcturus® i-HPG ideal for providing standalone power in the most remote locations.

To suit your requirements, Arcturus® Two features several optional extras. For example its twin silencers and innovative sound attenuation techniques ensure Arcturus® Two is seen but never heard (65dB). An optional ATEX safety pack is also available, with Chalwyn valves, a spark arrester and ATEX ventilation fans, for sites with potentially combustible environments, such as off shore sites and mines.  Arcturus® Two also offers Firefly’s unique single phase or three phase switching.

Arcturus® Two is simple to use and dramatically reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Rated to IP65 and containerised in 20ft ISO container, Arcturus® Two is designed and built in the UK to ISO 9001, standards compliant with European regulations. Straight forward and easy to use, the secure container offers peace of mind to those concerned about fuel security, environment and noise.

Arcturus – Secure, Safe, Simple

Applications and Benefits

  • Railway & highway maintenance projects
  • Construction and civil engineering projects
  • Silent back-up power for public/private premises (hospitals, government & commercial buildings etc)
  • Schools (temporary modular buildings)
  • Remote unattended construction sites
  • Disaster areas, for fast energy provision
  • Temporary ground stations for satellite communication
  • Peak power cover
  • Telecommunications- power masts
  • Emergency response & provision of medical care-mobile or stationary operating rooms, medical equipment and sufficient light.


  • Diesel engine options of 120-350 kVA
  • Inverter options of kVA 48-72 kVA
  • 90-135 kWh of usable energy storage (80% D.o.D) (1500 cycles)
  • Tier IIIA compliant diesel engine
  • 1500/2000 litre sub-base fuel tank
  • Three phase switching as standard
  • IP65 rated
  • Internal 48 V DC energy efficient LED Lighting
  • External electrical connections with hardwire (Busbar) connectivity option
  • Secure anti-theft container
  • Retain control with lockable setup
  • Remote communication software
  • Robust and resilient design


  • Inverter options of 48 – 72 kVA
  • Other noise configurations available (75, dB 80 dB, 90 dB)
  • Perkins or Iveco diesel generator at customer’s discretion (Perkins featured as standard)
  • Twin Silencer optional, depending on engine size and sound attenuation requirements
  • ATEX Safety Pack, with chalwyn valves, spark arrester and ATEX ventilation fans (for sites with potentially combustible gases).
  • Single / Three Phase Switching


  • Secure container eliminates tampering and fuel theft
  • Complete power autonomy from anywhere in the world
  • Super silent when in hybrid mode – 0dB
  • Silent with engine running – 65dB
  • Simple Installation
  • Low-maintenance standalone power
  • Reduced CO2 and NOx emissions
  • Quick to install
  • Easy to maintain

Technical Downloads


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