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Product Overview

Firefly’s all new Cygnus® 1 eTowerlight delivers a compact, silent and sustainable lighting solution for a range of demanding applications. Brighter, more efficient LEDs are combined with improved functionality to put ease of use at the heart of this design.

Functions include variable beam strength, dawn/dusk and PIR sensors, which are controlled with simple push button control via the Light Control Module or LCM. Generator start and advanced timer functions are managed via the Cygnus® 1 CONTROL CENTRE. Operational performance and system integrity can be monitored remotely via Firefly’s GLOW RFM® cloud platform.

The eTowerlight delivers up to 25 hours of autonomous run time at full power, or in PIR mode the unit can remain operational for up to 100 hours without the need for recharge. The PIR mode is particularly useful over long holiday weekends when staff are away from site, but where security and adjacent public access must be maintained. For unmanned or remote deployments eTowerlight autonomy can be extended with Firefly’s SolarPack upgrade.

The eTowerlight can be connected to mains grid for emergency lighting requirements or when linked to a diesel generator, Cygnus® 1 can deliver a fully automated power and lighting solution. The system can be programmed to ensure that the diesel generator does not run at night, eliminating noise whilst meeting essential lighting requirements. eTowerlight includes 32A in/out CEE form connectors as well as busbar where additional equipment is required.

Transportation and deployment capability has been enhanced with fork pockets; positioning handles and trailer hitch for on-site relocation (single or 4 point lifting option also available). Fully adjustable stabilisers are integral to the new design to ensure safe deployment and continuous use.

The eTowerlight is based on Firefly’s market leading Cygnus® range technology. Available with AGM or LFP energy storage options and 4 x 80W or 4 x 160W super efficient LEDs, eTowerlight provides unparalleled silent, emission free performance characteristics.

Applications and Benefits


  • Silent – Zero noise pollution
  • Zero carbon emissions
  • Suitable for use in confined areas as well as outdoors 365 days per year
  • Dual use as light and power source
  • Provides light in the event of primary power failure
  • No fuel for recharge required when connected to Firefly’s solar Fold-Arrays™


Cygnus® 1 eTowerlight applications are not limited to, but include silent power for:

  • Site Compounds
  • Trackside Lighting
  • Road Works
  • Car Parks
  • Events
  • Building Refurbishment
  • Demolition



  • Stabilisers
  • Automatic mast brake
  • System overload, overheat, short circuit and earth fault
  • Emergency stop


  • GLOW RFM® 
  • Binding posts for generator start
  • In/ Out external 32 A CEE form sockets and busbar


  • Light Control Module LCM
  • Light intensity selector
  • PIR Sensor
  • Dawn / dusk sensor 
  • Digital timer
  • 360 degrees rotatable mast head


  • Built to ISO:9001 Quality Management System
  • Premium Quality Components
  • Rental Specification
  • IP55 Rated Toughened 2mm Zintec Steel Canopy


  • Up to 25 hours in continuous full power mode
  • Up to 100 hours in PIR mode


Cygnus® 1 Hybrid eTowerlight is available in four configurations, choose between:

  • 4 x 80W LED or 4 x 160W LED lamps, with
  • LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) 8 kWh energy storage with and 3.5 kVA continuous power output. CYG1-II/4/8/LFP, or
  • AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) 6 kWh energy storage and 3 kVA continuous power output. CYG1-II/3.5/6/AGM

Learn more about our storage technologies and which one is right for you here.

Technical Downloads

Hire / Purchase

Cygnus® 1 eTowerlight can be hired from our extensive partner network across Europe. Click here to find a hire partner. Hire today – click here

Alternatively Cygnus® 1 eTowerlight can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, give us a call or drop us a line using the details below: +44 (0)800 091 4090

All Cygnus®1 eTowerlight models are sold with a comprehensive 5-year Firefly warranty as standard, view our warranty page for further information.


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