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Product Overview

SolarPack and SolarPack+ are the ideal addition to your Cygnus® to maximise CO2 savings, reduce local pollution and noise disturbance. With SolarPack you can not only connect Cygnus® to a diesel generator or to mains power to create a fully integrated hybrid power solution, but now create a completely standalone renewable energy power system.  Whatever your application, SolarPack is simple, fully autonomous and resilient.

SolarPack includes factory fitting of a high quality, efficient solar charge controller to your Cygnus®. In addition a transport stillage of five Firefly Fold-Arrays is included. Once deployed the five Fold-Arrays provide a total of 2,800Wp of solar PV capacity. Depending on the Cygnus® model you choose SolarPack+ includes an uprated solar charge controller with two transport stillages with a total of 10 Fold-Arrays™, with a capacity of 5,600Wp of solar PV capacity.

Both SolarPack options include a complete set of IP65 rated cables with simple, safe connectors.

Applications and Benefits

Any diesel-hybrid installation can benefit from the addition of solar PV. The challenge is delivering solar capability for temporary power requirements. Alternatively SolarPack enables Cygnus® to be used a standalone power system.  Firefly’s SolarPack is safe and easy to transport; simple to install and is fully integrated with CONTROL CENTRE. SolarPack is plug and play with no specialist technical support or tools required.


Solar enabled Cygnus® has been widely used in the events sector for many years. From production office compounds, campsite lighting power systems, security cabins and even fully “solar powered” stages; SolarPack has become the default option for organisers serious about reducing CO2. But using solar energy makes commercial sense too, by reducing the amount of power distribution across a large site, eliminating generator re-fuelling labour time and spillage/ handling risks and delivering 100% silent power for areas such as campsites.

SolarPack can equally prove effective across a range of other temporary site locations from construction, extractive industries or aid and development settings.


In remote or hard to reach areas, a SolarPack upgrade will transform the service and maintenance routine saving money and increasing resilience in the event of a diesel generator breakdown. Combined with Firefly’s Glow RFM® an operator will be able to track system up time from the comfort of an office, and have extended response times in the event of a breakdown.


A SolarPack enabled Cygnus® unit can eliminate the need for any diesel generator. Low power monitoring equipment, CCTV or security lighting can function without the need for re-fuelling, generator maintenance visits and completely eliminates all harmful emissions including noise, CO2, NOx or PMs. As with all of the Cygnus® range Glow RFM® enables full remote control and monitoring of system performance.


In grid tie applications Cygnus® can operate as an offline UPS. Incorporating SolarPack can provide additional peace of mind, ensuring that critical power requirements are supported even during extended periods of grid failure. SolarPack effectively harnesses solar power to ensure extended uptime for a range of critical systems from security alarms, CCTV, perimeter lighting, servers, refrigeration or communications.



  • Fully compatible with Cygnus® range
  • Robust, non-corrosive aluminium frame
  • Folding panels for extra protection in transit
  • Side handles for easy lift
  • Integrated stand for optimum angle placement


  • Makes solar a viable option for temporary power installations
  • No specialist training, tools or transport equipment needed
  • Reduced service and maintenance costs
  • Lower CO2, NOx and PM emissions
  • Eliminate noise for fewer complaints

Hire / Purchase

Firefly’s SolarPack is available to order when you specify your new Cygnus® model. Unfortunately it is not normally possible to retro-fit SolarPack once your hybrid has been built. Contact your account manager to discuss your requirements, or get in touch using the details below: +44 (0)800 091 4090


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