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Firefly’s Timed Distribution Unit or TDU is a must have addition to temporary power installations, for rental operators and end users alike. Hybrid Power Systems are a well established tool to save fuel, CO2, localised pollution and noise. However, power supply is only part of the equation. The key to maximising the benefit of using Firefly’s Cygnus® Hybrid Power System is improving energy efficiency on site. This is not always easy to do. Lights and Heaters are left on overnight, windows and doors are propped open whilst the heating is running. Switching to energy efficient consumers such as LED lights; retro-fitting timers, PIRs and thermostats; improving cabin insulation and encouraging staff to be more aware can help. But its not always possible to do this, and even if it is – there is always more to be done.

Firefly’s TDU provides the operator with the confidence that energy efficiency and CO2 reduction objectives can be achieved. The TDU takes the guess work out of saving energy and helps service providers and users predict power requirements more accurately. In a typical set up, that uses a diesel generator and Cygnus® Hybrid Power System, the TDU increases the overall savings on site by eliminating the supply of energy to unused consumers. Overnight loads are kept to an absolute minimum by using the user defined timer function in the TDU. Each of the six 32A single phase outputs can be individually controlled to create a finely tuned power distribution set up.

In the event that work patterns change, the TDU is easily re-programmed via an in-built TFT touch screen. Alternatively the manual over-ride function means that temporary extensions to work hours can be met, without requiring any re-programming. Critically the time limit on the manual over-ride ensures that power supply is automatically controlled, ensuring energy efficiencies are still achieved.

The TDU has been designed to meet the same robust rental specification standards that customers of the Cygnus® range already expect. Fork pockets keep logistics simple and a seam welded 2mm powder coated steel canopy is combined with a galvanised steel stand to keep the TDU well clear of adverse ground conditions.

TDU is the smart way to improve energy savings.


  • Fully compatible with Cygnus® range, mains grid and diesel generators
  • Programmable digital three stage 7 day timer for all 6 32A sockets
  • Robust canopy and frame
  • Manual over-ride
  • Fork pockets and lifting ring


  • Guarantee energy savings
  • Simple programming and set up
  • Ensure no generator start overnight
  • Longer hybrid power system run times
  • Lower CO2, NOx and PM emissions
  • Eliminate noise for fewer complaints

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Hire / Purchase

Firefly’s Timed Distribution Unit is available to order now. Please check with your sales contact to confirm lead times, particularly for larger volumes.

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