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VEGA TWO >4 - 8 kVA

Product Overview

Vega™ Two 4-8 kVA is a simple hybrid solution for static applications, allowing micro-grid operators, home owners and commercial businesses to utilise renewable energy and reduce fossil fuel reliance. Containing everything needed to simply connect to renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, or to integrate with a grid connection or diesel generator and provide a single-phase mains voltage AC supply.

Vega™ Two is simple to set up and use. Engineers benefit from ease of installation for use in universal micro-grids internationally through the standardised manufacture and simplicity of design of Vega™. Service and maintenance can be carried out without the use of specialist lifting equipment or tools.

Vega™ Two is a single phase system with up to 28 kWh and contained in a secure anti-theft canopy for exterior use. Vega arrives ready to install with a simple plug and connect setup, significantly reducing installation time. The robust and compact canopy is designed to withstand varying climate conditions whilst with a small footprint, enables both cost-effective and secure transportation. Low maintenance and no moving parts avoid mechanical breakdown and improves energy resilience.

With solar integration, remote monitoring and control from anywhere in the world, a range of inverter and energy storage choices, Vega™ provides a simple, proven, reliable micro-grid solution.

Ideal for

  • Creating an off-grid renewable power system or micro-grid
  • Providing backup power during mains grid failure
  • Reducing diesel generator fuel consumption

Applications and Benefits

  • Micro grids
  • Home owners
  • Commercial businesses


  • Up to 7 kVA 230 V continuous output
  • 21 kVA peak output (5 seconds)
  • Single phase output
  • AGM or FLA battery technology options
  • Up to 25 kWh AGM or 28 kWh FLA usable energy storage
  • Backup or stand-alone operation
  • Remote generator start
  • Remote monitoring kit
  • Forklift pockets
  • Pure sine wave output
  • RCD/MCB protection
  • LCD control panel
  • Data logger
  • Quick & easy maintenance on the FLA option: optical electrolyte level indicator and watering system
  • Easy access service door
  • IP 54
  • BusBar for hard wiring


  • Solar preparation
  • AGM Batteries – Up to 25 kWh
  • Flooded Wet Lead Acid Batteries – Up to 28 kWh
  • Supplied with or without canopy
  • Choice of canopy colours or bespoke branding


  • Off-grid power solution
  • Integrates with solar and wind
  • Autonomous operation
  • Acts as a backup power supply when primary power is lost
  • Provides a seamless, uninterruptable supply of power
  • Base load management ensures diesel generator only runs for high loads
  • Reduces diesel generator fuel consumption
  • Reduces diesel generator reliance, usage and maintenance
  • Timer functionality provides scheduling for periods of power

Technical Downloads

Hire / Purchase

All Vega™ models are sold with a comprehensive 5 year Firefly warranty as standard, view our warranty page for further information.

To purchase please email or phone us on +44 (0)800 091 4090.


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