Firefly CYGNUS 3 Hybrid Power System (Front Angle View)

Firefly CYGNUS® 3 Hybrid Power System

The Cygnus range satisfies more moderate power requirements with the three phase Cygnus 3, offering users a compact, powerful yet flexible hybrid power system.

Cygnus 3 is a feature packed battery system which can be easily integrated into your project. It’s a three phase system that easily integrates into power systems, either as as part of a three/single phase sub-circuit, or as the main power source for the entire site. All variants of the Cygnus 3 deliver a reliable and versatile power solution for the user.

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Typical applications

  • Prime site power

  • Welfare

  • Generator peak assist

  • Cabins

  • Evening/weekend loading

Standard offering

  • Robust & secure rental spec enclosure

  • Up to 125A power capability.

  • Built in smart distribution, with 3 x 32A switchable outlets

  • Integrated energy monitoring and control

  • Maintenance inlet for seamless system care

  • Industry proven pioneering battery system

  • Industry proven power conversion system

  • Enhanced pioneering control system

  • Graphical user interface for ease of system setup & control.

  • Flexible remote system management portal

  • Single point lifting mechanism

Additional options

  • Choose from 50-66kWh storage capacities, AGM & Lithium options

  • Solar pack

  • Lockable power connections

CYGNUS® 3 Fact Sheet

Model name CYGNUS Three
Dimensions (W x D x H, mm) 1,180 x 2,380 x 1,565
Unit weight (kg) 2,750 (AGM) or 1,680 (LFP)
Power output (kVA) 30
Battery capacity (kWh) 50 (AGM) or 50/66 (LFP)
Firefly Cygnus 3 Hybrid Power System (Line Drawing)

Average monthly savings

Typical monthly savings when using CYGNUS® 3.

runtime saving
litres of diesel
of CO2 emissions
of N2O emissions

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