Achieve energy efficiency on site with hybrid power

Firefly’s hybrid power systems help construction sites reduce the runtime of traditional diesel generators, delivering a significant reduction in fuel consumption, noise, as well as CO2, NOx and PM emissions.
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Construction industry

Construction sector occupies a unique position in society. It shapes where we live and work, contributes to GDP and is a major employer. The importance of sustainable economic, social and environmental development is now firmly at the top of the agenda for many in the industry. Sustainability is at the heart of the future of construction including supply chain, skills development, innovation, long term planning and productivity.

The opportunity

Hybrid technology offers significant benefits to the construction sector to achieve these major objectives. Combining innovative products with smart data enables contractors to not only deliver the needs for improved environmental performance, but also to report these findings as part of wider regulatory requirements such as ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme).

Our role

The construction industry is responding to the challenges associated with the reduction of emissions, not only with operation of the final product, but also managing emissions during the building phase.

Firefly has worked closely with the plant hire and construction sector to develop a range of robust, rental specification hybrid power solutions that meet the needs of this changing industry.

In addition, Firefly team is always on hand to help with:

  • Site power requirement audits

  • Specification support

  • Equipment training

  • Real time reporting of fuel and CO2 savings

  • Track, control and manage hybrids from any internet enabled device

  • Technical support

Benefits of using hybrid power in construction

  • Efficient and silent power supply on site

  • Reduction of CO2, NOx and PM emissions

  • Significant reduction of fuel costs

  • Production of easy to read environmental reports for all sites

  • Improvement to power system uptime and offline UPS functionality

  • Improvement to health and safety for staff and public
  • Typical generator runtime savings upwards of 60%

Potential savings for sites

Monthly saving based on a 60 kVA generator connected to a Cygnus® 3

Monthly diesel fuel savings
Reduction in CO2 emissions
Equivalent car miles

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Firefly CYGNUS 2 Hybrid Power System (Front Angle)


Powerful single phase hybrid system from our rental specification range.

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Firefly CYGNUS 3 Hybrid Power System (Front Angle View)


Our most popular silent hybrid power system, reinvented.

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Firefly CYGNUS 4 Hybrid Power System (Front Angle View)


Largest capacity hybrid power system of its kind available on the market.

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Firefly PowerPlus Hybrid Power Generator (Front Angle View)


Our second generation, all-in-one, containerised hybrid power generator.

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Case studies

Below you can find a number of projects we have worked on with our partners in the construction & plant sector.

1,634l weekly diesel fuel saving for Midas Construction

Midas Construction were awarded an £11 million build project to construct student accommodation in Cardiff.

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Hybrid power for Harris Academy in Purley

Over a 15 week period, Firefly’s HPG’s reduced the run time of the diesel generators by 51%, to 1,261 hours.

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Firefly CYGNUS 4 hybrid system

Crossrail's weekly diesel saving of 903 litres

At the Brentford site, Speedy connected a Cygnus® 4 to a diesel generator, creating a hybrid system.

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Hybrid power for a wind farm build

CYGNUS 4 reduced runtime of the diesel generator by over 51% & provided power without intrusion to local residents.

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Our clients

Speedy Hire
Clancy Docwra
Midas Construction
PE Generators
John F Hunt