Instant OPEX savings for off-grid and DG supported telecom tower infrastructure

With modular design and robust operating capabilities, Firefly’s Hybrid Systems are easily retrofitted onto existing infrastructure, resulting in reduced diesel use, longer servicing intervals and extended DG operating life.
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The telecoms sector

In countries where large regions have little or no access to the national electricity grid, telecommunications companies are currently employing traditional diesel generators as power sources for crucial infrastructure, such as antennas and base stations (BTS). These generators have high operating expenses for fuel transportation and maintenance, as well as high incidences of pilferage.

Installing Firefly’s hybrid generators in combination with solar PV dramatically lowers operating expenses, thereby simultaneously reducing logistical and security considerations and costs. Moreover, lower dependency on fossil fuels improves a company’s strategic planning capabilities and shareholder value, as it is no longer highly dependent on the volatile oil prices and can roll-out its future activities with more predictable and fixed long-term expenses.

Hybrid power solutions

The Firefly Hybrid Power Generator (HPG) is an extremely cost effective CAPEX investment which delivers immediate OPEX savings from fuel consumption, reduced servicing and logistics costs, and increased DG service life.

The Firefly HPGs  also offer additional flexibility through a modular design approach: additional battery capacity, solar PV or wind turbines can be added at a later date. This allows CAPEX flows to be managed over the longer term, or to allow for the acquisition of additional land for solar panel installation whilst realising fuel saving benefits in the short term.

For telecoms, hybrid power means

  • Substantial savings on diesel use – up to 75% reduced OPEX

  • Simple retrofit installation on existing tower infrastructure

  • Reduced CO2 emissions

  • Longer service intervals for DG sets – reduced use through efficient energy management

  • Mitigation of the impact of diesel theft

  • Improved asset life – extending operational life of DG sets

In addition, Firefly team can provide

  • Audit of potential fuel saving and cost breakdown for each site

  • Arrange trial installations

  • Installation support and training for local teams
  • Ongoing asset tracking and monitoring of performance

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Case studies

Below you can find a number of projects we have worked on with our partners in the telecoms sector.

Firefly Hybrid Power Generator deployed to power telecoms mast.

Firefly powers a mast next to a wildlife area

Firefly’s HPGs achieve a 54% reduction of diesel generator running time next to an important wildlife area.

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