Silent, emission-free and reliable power for the utilities sector

Firefly Hybrid Power solutions help reduce the environmental impact whilst providing significant cost reduction and OPEX costs.
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The utilities sector

Utilities covers many sectors including electricity, gas and water and provides our basic services and amenities. It is very important to our economic stability and welfare. Disruption to these services has an impact on our GDP and overall well-being. Sustainability is very high on this sector’s priority list, especially in the construction and maintenance phases.

The opportunity

Portable power is used extensively within the utilities sector, with many fixed and temporary installation relying on diesel as their primary source of power. With the growth of infrastructure across the sectors, reducing noise and emissions becomes a priority, especially in residential areas. Hybrid generators will reduce the environmental impact whilst providing significant cost reduction and OPEX costs.

Firefly Hybrid Power Systems

  • Provide efficient reliable power supply

  • Reduce noise, CO2, NOx and PM emissions

  • Guarantee overnight silent power essential for residential areas

  • Improve asset life and serviceability
  • Provide remote service and diagnostics reducing costly service visits

  • Reduce refuelling intervals and extend autonomous power

  • Produce easy to use CO2 saving reports across all sites

  • Reduce fuel costs when pump prices escalate

  • Improve health and safety for staff and public

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