Control Technology

Control Technology

Firefly Control Technology – System design from the ground up by the market’s leading hybrid company.


Firefly is more than just a systems integrator, we develop electronics and software that seamlessly works with every component of our hybrid power systems. We create solutions that deliver measurable environmental benefit through products that are light years ahead of the crowd. Our attention to detail demonstrates our intimate understanding of hybrid technology and more importantly the needs of our customers.

We have automated dozens of key functions that others still struggle to comprehend. Below is just a small selection of the technology we build into every Firefly product to make the transition to a more sustainable future simple.


CONTROL CENTREcontrol centre

CONTROL CENTRE is at the core of every Firefly hybrid power system, bringing all the functionality within each machine together in a simple user interface that delivers data to Glow RFM®.  The LCD display enables installers to quickly gain access to status and performance information and configure the machine for each unique installation. With built in memory, every minute of data for a lifetime is stored.

CONTROL CENTRE is connected to the internet via 3G cellular networks enabling daily backups of system data to Firefly’s Glow RFM® platform. Accurate location data using the internal GPS module is also viewed through Glow RFM®.

SWITCH, CLIMATE MASTER and the ACTIVE BMS or CARE BMS modules and automatically adjusts parameters to optimise system performance and safety, reducing manual user intervention.


CLIMATE MASTERClimate MasterClimate Master

CLIMATE MASTER uses system vitals from CONTROL CENTRE and its own temperature sensors to fine tune its variable speed forced air cooling system, as well as adjusting charge rate to regulate the machine’s internal and energy storage temperature for efficient operation and maximum performance.


SWITCH reconfigures the machine’s settings at the push of a button, taking all the work out of configuring different modes. For example, charge rates are automatically adjusted when switching from maintenance mode to an operational mode, removing the need for cumbersome distribution or changing settings manually when maintenance charging is required.

Furthermore SWITCH activates the required input and disables all other inputs for complete installer safety. In selected machines SWITCH configures inputs, outputs and charge rates for use in either Three Phase Support or L1 Support Only modes.



LFP based machines benefit from Firefly’s ACTIVE BMS, which delivers cutting edge energy storage management. Some BMS operate a binary on/off method, leading to sub-optimal performance. With Firefly, individual cell monitoring ensures that every cell is constantly checked for performance. In the unlikely event of a cell failure, the cell string will be automatically deactivated and a message sent to Glow RFM® advising of the fault.  Our leading ACTIVE BMS inter-cell balancing ensures maximum energy is always available.


CARE BMS manages the storage of OPzV and AGM based machines, monitoring temperature, rate of discharge, and voltage. CARE BMS provides accurate state of charge information and ensures that the energy storage is kept in good health, preventing over charging or discharging.

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