Construction Site Energy Efficiency Management - GLOW RFM


Firefly’s Remote Fleet Management Cloud Platform Software

Glow RFM Cloud Platform

blue tick Automated Environmental Reporting
blue tick Remote Control and Diagnostics
blue tick Fleet Management

GLOW RFM cloud platform, designed for contractors and fleet operators, works seamlessly with all of Firefly’s hybrid power systems. Our revolutionary Cygnus® range now sets the industry standard when combined with GLOW RFM®.

GLOW RFM® enables users to completely integrate the hybrid operating experience, providing 24/7 support –  Firefly has taken uptime and energy efficiency on site to a whole new level.


Fleet Management

Fleet managment for fleet operators is far more than location tracking. GLOW RFM® is designed to take integration to the next level, with increased collaboration between the hybrid power system data and reporting requirements.

blue tick Overview location dashboard with system status
blue tick Filter by installation, customer, serial number or by hire contract number
blue tick Location, telemetry, positioning, tracking
blue tick Instantly share presentation-ready style reports to clients of performance and savings
blue tick Key contacts and site address


Automated Environmental Reporting
Data that matters at the fingertips of fleet operators and contractors

Unlike other RFM systems, the primary role of GLOW RFM® is to provide clear, simple to understand reports on environmental savings for end users and fleet operators alike. Fleet operators can provide access to end users with their own dashboard, allowing them to see their rentals in a single screen, via a secure allocated login.

GLOW RFM® removes the headache of calculating site energy usage and the compilation of multiple site reports, with an automated dashboard that presents results in an easy to understand format. The software automatically completes the complex calculations, with no input required from the end user. In the click of a button, automated PDF reports can be generated to provide fuel, CO2 emissions and runtime savings – presentation ready.

With one click reporting, graphical representation of the hybrid system savings for non-technical analysis include

blue tickTonnes of CO2 Emissions Saved
blue tickLitres of Diesel Fuel Saved
blue tickNumber of Silent Hours
blue tickHybrid Power Vs Diesel Generator Usage %
blue tickFull fleet reporting across all sites nationwide

Construction Site Energy Carbon CO2 Tonne kWh Fuel Saved

Remote Control and Diagnostics
GLOW RFM® – Your engineers’ uptime ally

GLOW RFM® records your machine’s performance the entire time it’s operating through 3G cellular networks, to enable quick diagnosis of issues.

Maximise performance, without the need of sending an engineer to site. Glow RFM® enables full control of the machine as if an engineer was stood in front of it and as a result, in most cases, issues are diagnosed and even resolved remotely. Thus the time it takes to make changes is significantly reduced and the power to site is running again, improving uptime.

GLOW RFM® enables continuous monitoring and the ability to optimise energy management configuration settings instantly and remotely, to deliver beneficial results with immediate effect.

blue tick Set-up and configure installations remotely
blue tick Adjustment of parameters
blue tick Message alerts by fleet or individual machine
blue tick Peak and low power demands history
blue tick Automated capture of hybrid system’s averages and peaks
blue tick Installation discharge and recharge characteristics
blue tick Diesel generator on/off times

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